Coil Winding

Coil WindingOur Coil Winding at C-Axis is focused around high precision coils that most would not consider even trying. Our capabilities are coil winds up to 80” long from small diameter round wire to shaped wire.

Holding super close tolerances on different alloy wires. Most of our work requires precision post processing to complete the coil product such as precise cutting and end finishing.

The last step in the Coil Winding process is Metal Finishing the final product so that the product is extremely functional and cosmetically pleasing. This process takes a special team of manufacturing experts trained to deliver a consistent quality finished coil product ready for our customer’s assembly.

Coil winding is another rare skill our manufacturing experts have perfected over the years. Using a Rothgreaves precision Wire Winder we have perfected winding large diameter, close tolerance, coils using square wire. These coils are part of an implantable component used in heart surgeries.

We also offer the capability to wind up to 80” long multi-filer winds along with very fine small wire winds with wire down to .003” diameter creating surgical grade coils which can be used in pacemaker leads.