Infinity QS

At C-Axis we refer to our quality system policy as C-Quality and a very important part of C-Quality has been the Implementation and use of Infinity QS. This tool brings us Real Time SPC with automated email alerts to allow us to maintain production efficiency throughout the manufacturing cycle. It also allows us flexible and reliable data collection virtually from any source which allows for continuous improvement on the manufacturing floor, it provides management with the high-level visibility to make timely and informed business decisions.

Other Benefits:


By better managing our processes we can save costs which enables us to keep our costs lower and increase efficiencies which make us more competitive and profitable.




Improving the visibility to our processes real time we can correct the process before it becomes out of control which saves everyone time, money and reputation.


When you totally understand your processes you will maintain accurate production schedules keeping your on-time status with your customers, you will maximize performance and minimize costs, and better manage maintenance to reduce disruptions.


    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
    • Automates Data Collection
    • Acceptance Sampling
    • Notifications
    • Process Charting
    • Allows for Analysis of Data
    • Data Collection