Laser Cutting 

Laser CuttingOur 4 axis Laser Cutting capability for cylindrical parts of ½” in diameter & smaller can process precision cuts down to a .002” radius. This allows us to cut very precise and detailed features virtually burr free with accuracy and repeatability down to +/- .5 um.

Our laser cutting system is capable of cutting many different alloys such as all grades of stainless steel used in the medical markets as well as copper, nickel, aluminum and precious alloys.

C-Axis, Inc.’s Laser Cutting system is built on a vibration dampened granite base and columns to ensure a stable environment for a precision cut.


The system utilizes an IPG 300 Watt single mode fiber laser. Also includes a front guide system with gripper and a rear material support guide with a water system for cutting with through the tube fluid.

  • Beam delivery utilizes a Fine Cutting Head, Lens drive for fine adjustment, and a through the lens camera and cross hair generator.
  • Machine base starts with structural steel tubing, Stainless Steel water collection system, a granite base for supporting the motion platform and is vibration dampened isolation from chassis. It also incorporates a granite bridge for the ZY support.
Motion System includes:
  • 20” travel
  • Linear encoder resolution 50nm
  • Accuracy +/- 7um
  • Repeatability +/- 0.5um
Rotary Drive
  • Rotary encoder resolution 1.8 arc se
  • Max acceleration >6000 rad/sec
  • Velocity max @ .18 arc sec 89 RPM


C-Axis Tech Sheet Tube Cutter.pdf