Laser Welding 

Laser WeldingWith the capability of Laser Welding with a very small spot size (down to .2mm) welding of small parts and features are possible.

Taking precision-machined parts and joining them with a precise weld to create a final product ready to be used in medical surgeries is what we do.

Laser welding offers a method of joining metals at very high speeds and with low distortion. Welding of 304 and 304L stainless steels, titanium as well as other materials makes this capability a key tool for the medical device industry.

Advantages of Laser Welding
    • Minimal amount of heat that is added during processing.
    • The repeated “pulsing” of the beam allows for cooling between each “spot” weld, resulting in a very small “heat affected zone”.
    • Ideal for thin sections or products that require welding near electronics or glass-to-metal seals.
    • Low heat input, combined with an optical (not electrical) process, also means greater flexibility in tooling design and materials.
    • Laser welding can be used to join dissimilar metals as well, such as copper to stainless, or stainless to certain types of phosphor bronze. There are many combinations that work well.
    • 304 and 304L series stainless weld extremely well.
    • The laser process can also be applied to titanium, kovar, copper and certain aluminums


With our experienced Engineering staff we are ready to support your Laser Welding needs.