Machining Turning

Machining TurningAt C-Axis we have multiple machining-turning capabilities. We utilize bar feed lathes for the larger diameter type work and multi axis Swiss style turning machines, which also use bar feeders to keep the machines fed with material for minimal down time. Both of these capabilities produce parts suited for either implantable medical components or medical devices used in surgical procedures.

With the multi-axis many different types of turning for machined parts can be produced such as: cross-holes, helical milling, slotting, .001 degree indexing, finishes down to an 8 RMS are achievable. The Swiss style turning machines are especially suited for the micro machining which is required for the Medical Device market.

Precision Turning is one of the many capabilities we offer at C-Axis. Our turning centers use bar feeders to improve efficiency and reduce tooling costs. These higher horsepower machines can swing up to 300mm and feed bar stock up to 45mm and take heavy cuts in the hardest to machine alloys like MP-35 and other high strength alloys. Bring us your difficult to machine medical parts and these machines will do the job.

Precision Turning Tech Sheet.pdf
C-Axis Tech Sheet Nakamura.pdf